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#1 in Senior Sales

Number 1 in Senior Sales

Once 55 years of age or older, there are not only lifestyle considerations but legal and tax consequences to understand when selling a home. Whether selling your primary residence, second home or income property the greater your understanding of the legal and tax implications the more money you will net.

We strive to support you in unparalleled ways through hands-on experience and hard work. We assist in gathering needed information and documents to provide to legal advisors and tax consultants that will save you thousands of dollars in billable hours. The going rate for attorneys is well over $200 an hour. Real estate agents are not licensed to give legal or tax advice but we can guide you to the best professionals with the right documents in hand thereby eliminating billable hours.

Discussions include:

  • Tax benefits for those 55 years or age and older
  • Procedures and forms for tax savings
  • How the property is held in title
  • Question and answers for selling inherited property
  • How to locate the original grant deed and death certificate in the case of inherited property
  • Legal signatures required for signing documents
  • Type of valid ID’s accepted

We hope that you too will be as satisfied as our past clients and we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Did You Know…

The 2016 Federal personal estate tax exemption was $5.45 million. This amount changes yearly. The tax basis for property a person inherits is the fair market value at the date of the original owner’s death.

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