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Meet Dianna and Mark

Meet Dianna and Mark

We opened Bayside Real Estate in 2000. Since that time our company has earned the reputation as Alameda’s Boutique Real Estate office. We have a solid market share doing what we love – delivering extensive, hands-on, knowledge-based services.

We accidentally discovered Alameda in the ’80s, left our hometown in Marin, and settled in. We fell in love with the lovely homes, city sidewalks, and a sense of community. As usual, business was dinner table talk as far back as we can remember. We opened our first restaurant during the ’70s and have worked as a team since. The restaurant was exciting and where we honed our management skills, learned the meaning of hard work and stamina. It was also creative; choosing the best ingredients and preparing the menu. Above all it was service-oriented. Our customers shared some of their most important occasions with us.

We bring the same passion and skill to our real estate company. Each time we prepare a home for sale we start with a vision, execute it with precision and work diligently until close. There is a certain intensity, much like the restaurant, and you have to be all in to do it well. Always rewarding and never boring – It’s what makes us tick.

Dianna, co-owner, has always valued a place to call home. Maybe that’s why she enjoys helping clients with theirs. She finds the work rewarding from the artistic presentation to the marketing and the deal. Mark, the broker with 25 years’ experience in Alameda Real Estate, is steady, dependable, and ready to help at the drop of a hat. He is savvy about a home’s structural components. His no-nonsense approach to difficult situations brings a concise course of action. Together they are a formidable team.

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